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So there's this popular runway show called Victoria Secret!  Were you aware of this tacky underwear show disguised as a high-fashion artistic display?  (If you are a cosplayer, by golly you are aware!) It's really an elaborate ploy for non-listed designers (please someone prove me wrong, cuz they deserve mad props) to create amazing cosplay WINGS AND MORE WINGS, as featured above from their 2011 show.   Don't get me wrong, I love the wings.  WINGS!  They are a cosplayer's dream come true. (Style Channel, why aren't you doing a big fat special on these wings.)  But for Victoria Secret's 2012's Runway Show, I saw a little something - in the background of a pic... WHAT IS THAT IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER---

It was Worth a Google, and I found it!  And what are my feelings!!  I don't know!!!

For those who don't know one of the top influential and top grossing anime's of all time  and the character Rei Ayanami, well now you know.  And now you know it was on the Victoria's Secret 2012 Hotties of the Hot Hotness Runways. (Oh yeah, I also worked on a Rei Ayanami plugsuit to match my own, 6 years ago!)

Feelings, fellow nerds?  I admit, I was pretty excited to see geekdom finally represented mainstream, at a Victoria's Secret Show, which pretty much reads mainstrieam as SOMETHING I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH. Which - let's admit it - is a foreign, awkward feeling for those on the fringe of mainstream.  Seeing this on the runway for me feels validating, weirdly.  I can't explain it.  Can you?  But at the same time... it's not like they did anything innovative with the original design at all.  It wasn't "influenced".  It was ripped off.  It was SEXY HALLOWEENIFIED.  They cut out the boobs and put it on a grown woman, like a "sexy bee" or a "sexy cop" or a "sexy whatever of your choice, just make sure there's boobs".  (Although, the fact that in the series Rei is 14 and many runway models are also 14 might be a subversive statement.)

Do you think they just threw it out there for the geeks, because COMIC CON IZ SO POPULAR NOW, OMGZ EXCLAMATION POINTS???? It makes me wonder.

Comments?  I don't really know what to think as a nerd that has loved this show since I was 14 myself.  On one hand, glad to see geekdom get more exposure.  But, how many people in the audience actually got it?  And does it matter?

And most importantly, when can I buy the Rei Support Angel Bra.  I mean come on, now. Haha get it, ANGEL.
punk'in carving
Art By :iconraggedy-annedroid:

So it is Halloween.  I am a cosplayer.  Here it is, the greatest of all dress up holidays!  And I am always disappointed.  Here are the top 5 reasons it sucks to be a cosplayer at Halloween.

1) Friends (including friends of friends) come out of nowhere to ask for costumes.  They just ask for a little help.  On their giant full body armor masterpiece.  The week before Halloween.  Because you know, you make costumes and it's easy for you.  And the price?  Well, it's "for a friend" price.  Which is always "free" or "I'll pay you $20 never" which boils down to "get you a shot of Jack sometime."  Sadface.

2) Costumes in my closet everywhere, but none for Halloween.  Yes, I have over 60 costumes.  No, none of them will ever be recognized at a Halloween party.  One year I dressed as Pris from Blade Runner out on the town, which I thought would be somewhat popular.  How wrong I was.  The only response all night:  "R U A SEXY RACCOON?"

3) Stains.  Yes, stains.  As in, I do not want to wear my precious costumes that I spent workweeks creating to a bar where some jackass is going to back into me and spill a beer/neon drink all over it and stain it for ever.  No, "sorry" doesn't pay the drycleaner.  (A free shot might pay the drycleaner, depending on how many people I can convince spilled their drink on me.)

4) A general ennui for Halloween costume parties.  Maybe it's like dudes who watch too much porn.  I have been to so many insane costume conventions and judged so many awesome costumes that the run-o-the-mill mass-market store bought costume do not excite me.  I have been overstimulated.

5)  Losing costume contests to Vaginas.  It didn't happen to me.  But it could have, had I not heeded the cautionary tale told by my friend.  Hours of construction slavery, an afternoon getting into an uncomfortable costume, wasted only to lose to a gag costume  for a $1000 prize.  Not me.  No thanks.

So what is the solution for a cosplayer on Halloween?  Dress head-to-toe in full character and give props to the one person who recognizes you all evening?  Or just mix-n-match pieces in your cosplay wardrobe to create something recognizable?  Let me know what you went as for Halloween and why!

I plan to go super casual tomorrow if I go anywhere, that is.  I might just stay home in my robot pajamas.  Kind of a costume, right?

And if you are wondering about this awesome piece of art, it is a collaboration with multi-talented artist Justin Murray who is currently working on Mortal Kombat as a main character designer, hullo!  And he has worked on God of War, Alien vs. Predator, and lots of other projects.  Check out his crap!  (It's not crap, btw.)

Hey, if you haven't checked out my full collections of costumes, it's at!  CHACHACHECKIT.
Here I am on on this website, finally.  Looking forward to connecting with old and new friends! :)  Please say hello!